Business skills Visas

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Business Skills Visas



There are temporary and permanent business skills visas. Generally, most business skills visas involve a two-stage application process. First, the business migrant applies for a provisional visa (Class EB) (Subclass 188) and then if they meet certain criteria, they apply for a permanent visa( Class EC) (Subclass 888). There is also a permanent visa which does not require going through the provisional stage, namely the Business Skills – Business Talent Permanent) Class EA) Subclass 132 Visa.

1 –  Provisional Business Skills Visa – Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Class EB) (Subclass 188)

Any prospective Business Skills Visas applicant must first lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) on SkillSelect and wait to be invited to apply for a visa. This visa is composed of six streams:

  • Business Innovation Stream.
  • Business Innovation Extension Stream.
  • The Investor Stream.
  • The Significant Investor Stream.
  • The Significant Investor Extension Stream.
  • The Premium Investor Stream.

There are Common Criteria, and Stream Criteria.

2 – Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) (Subclass 888) Visa

The 888 VISA is the second stage of the Business Innovation and Investment visa. A subclass 188 holder can apply for a subclass 888 visa if they have fulfilled all their visa requirements.

3 – Permanent Business Skills Visa – (Subclass 132) Business Talent Visa

This is the only way for a business person to apply for a permanent visa without first holding a provisional visa. It is part of the SkillSelect system and therefore requires the lodgement of an Expression of Interest.

It is divided into two streams:

  • The Significant Business History Stream.

The Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream.